About the Journal

About the Journal

The International and Political Journal issued by the College of Political Science / Mustansiriyah University. It is a periodic (Quarterly) specialized journal. It receives the outputs of specialized researchers that deal with contemporary political problems, issues and realities, as well as related topics. These researches are subject to scientific evaluation by specialized researchers according to Specific publishing rules in which the principles of scientific research are taken into account, and the journal’s research and contents are subject to linguistic evaluation by the aforementioned linguistic experts, and the journal’s research is reviewed before issuing each issue by the general supervisor, the editorial board, and the advisory board that consists of Iraqi and Arab specialist professors And foreigners, and the board also receives any comments from readers and specialists, and the editorial board of the journal aspires to elevate it to the ranks of prestigious scientific academic journals, which take into account the quality standards in force globally.

Scientific papers are published in the following fields:

  • Political systems
  • Political thought
  • Relations and international studies
  • Local governments and administration
  • Managing crises, conflicts and international peace
  • All social science disciplines with a political dimension

The Journal of Political and International is an open access journal, published under the license:

(a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license).

Publisher: Al-Mustansiriya University

Institution: College of Political Science

Address: Iraq - Baghdad / Bab al-Mu'adham (View in Map)

Mustansiriyah University - College of Political Science


International coding: 8984-1991

International electronic coding: 8563-2789

Digital Object Port: DOI: 10.31272/IPJ

Current Issue

No. 58 (2024): The International and Political Journal
Published: 2024-03-26
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