Reviewer Guidelines

Reviewer Guidelines

General Notes

The political and international Journal follows the policy of (Double Blind Review).
All review steps are electronically based on Open Journal Systems (OJS).
The maximum period for review is (2) two weeks from the date of receipt of the manuscript (research). In the event that the reviewer apologizes, he must inform the journal as soon as possible within the first week; Otherwise, it will change.
The review process is based on the manuscript submitted by the editorial board (Word 2010) onwards
In the review process, the reviewers should note the following;

1- Is the manuscript compatible with the journal's specialty?
2- Has the manuscript been previously published in another journal (for the information of reviewers)?
3- Do the title and summary of the manuscript agree with its content?
4- Are the abstract keywords sufficient and compatible with the content?
5- Does the manuscript introduction include previous studies (at least 5 studies) that are relevant and recent to the subject of the manuscript?
6- Is the method and procedures appropriate and were they presented in a clear and sequential manner?
7- Is the presentation of the results good, clear and understandable?
8- Are the tables and figures clear, necessary, sufficient, not confusing, and consistent with the title and content?
9- Is the discussion clear, logical, and relevant to the findings of the manuscript?
10- Is the citation and References clear, appropriate, and consistent with Shicago style?
11- Should some paragraphs of the manuscript be amended, clarified, or excluded because they are unclear or unimportant?
12- Is the number of words of the manuscript appropriate and compatible with the content?

Final Recommendation: Reviewers should choose one of the following options:

1- Submission accepted: ready for publication without editing.
2- Revisions Required: Require minor changes that the editor can review and accept.
3- Resubmission for review: Requires major changes and another round of peer review.
4- Resubmission elsewhere: It does not seem appropriate to the journal's specialization and scope.
5- The submission was rejected: it contains many weaknesses and cannot be accepted for publication.