Author- Guidelines

Posting instructions

These instructions contain three sections, namely: (publishing conditions, writing references, and instructions for authors) as follows:
Publication terms :
The International and Political Journal, a periodical (quarterly) peer-reviewed scientific journal, a pioneer in the field of knowledge of political science. As it receives the outputs of specialized researchers that deal with contemporary political problems, issues, and facts, as well as related topics, and these researches are subject to scientific evaluation by specialized researchers according to specific publishing rules that take into account the principles of scientific research, and the magazine’s research and its contents are subject to linguistic evaluation by experts The aforementioned linguists, and the magazine’s research is reviewed before issuing each issue by the general supervisor, the editorial board, and the advisory board, which consists of Iraqi, Arab and foreign professors. The board also receives any comments from readers and specialists, and the magazine’s editorial board aspires to raise it to It ranks among the most prestigious scientific academic journals, which take into account the international quality standards.
It is a journal issued by the College of Political Science / Mustansiriyah University and publishes specialized research according to the conditions below:

1- The name of the researcher should be written with the title of the research, his place of work, his job title, scientific title, e-mail and phone number in both Arabic and English.
2- The researcher shall be attached when submitting the research.
      - Two paper copies, including a summary of the research in Arabic and English, at the beginning of the research, with a CD.
      - The search contains keywords in both Arabic and English.
      - The margins are according to the rules of the (Chicago) method for writing sources in Arabic and English with             regard to writing sources in English. The titles of books, research and articles in the sources are written in the              verbal dialect and in English translation in square brackets according to the following rule: last name or                           surname, first name and the rest. year. Title: Verbal Dialect [English Translation]. Beirut: publishing house.
      - The font size for the title is (16), for the body (14), and for the sources (12) (at the end of the research).
      - Font type (simplified Arabic) for Arabic, and (Times New Roman) for English.
      - The distance between the lines (1), and the size of (A4) paper.
      - The number of pages shall not be less than (15) pages and not more than (20) pages.
3- The principles of scientific research must be taken into account in terms of objectivity, methodological classification,                   defining the importance and problematic of the research, its assumptions and methodology, while proving its results with          accuracy in documentation.
4- Research should not be published in other journals or on internet sites.
5- The publication of research is approved after the research is subject to scientific and linguistic evaluation.
6- The journal receives summaries of books dealing with the specialization of political science and the presentation of distinguished messages and dissertations.
7- The magazine reserves the right to publish the approved material according to the plan of the editorial board.
The order of the manuscript should be as follows:
Organizing the manuscript:
Authors are allowed some flexibility, but they must clearly organize the manuscript into sections as follows:
1. Address
2. List of authors, their affiliations and email addresses
3. Abstract/ Abstract
4. Keywords
5. Introduction
6. Methodology
7. Al-Matn
8. Epilogue
9. References

1. The first and second pages, including:
a. The address
- It should be in the middle of the page and in both Arabic and English.
The title should be a short and focused description.
It should not be more than 12 words long.
Avoid abbreviations and formulas wherever possible.
B. Author information

- Name(s) of the author(s)
- The affiliation(s) of the author(s), i.e. the institution, (the administration).
- Active e-mail address of the corresponding author and mobile number.
- The ORCID researcher page link, consisting of 16 digits, for the author / (authors).
c. Abstract/ Abstract
The abstract is presented in short, precise and clear sentences, in which the main research problem is indicated, the methods used in the research, and the most prominent conclusions, in both Arabic and English, about 200-300 words.
Dr. key words
Keywords are written in both Arabic and English
The author must provide 4 to 6 keywords that can be used for indexing purposes.

2. The third page: the search starts from the third page upwards, which includes:

A. Introduction
- This section should be brief, including the background, importance and objective of the research, a description of the gap or gap in knowledge that the research is designed to fill, which includes a statement of the research problem or question.
- The research hypothesis is placed within the text of the introduction, and the hypothesis is usually only one sentence. For example, a research hypothesis about the behavior patterns of political leaders could be as follows: "It was predicted that political leaders with professional experience have more flexible behavior than their counterparts with only political experience."
When preparing the introduction, avoid a detailed survey of the literature or a summary of the findings.
B. methodology

This section should contain detailed information about the procedures and steps involved in the study.
- It can be divided into subsections if several methods are described.
c. search body
The body of research articles should be divided into specific sections (main and sub) clearly classified in a sequential manner, as appropriate. The search body includes:
Experimental and/or descriptive details of the research phenomenon
Results and Discussion: This section initially contains the results obtained by the author during the research activities. That is, what the author found in a simple and objective way, where the research results are presented at the beginning as a whole without speculating about why these results were found, then the discussion interprets the meaning of the results and puts them in context and explains why they are important.
Discussions are presented systematically from general to specific. Data can be presented in tables or forms, if any. Results and discussions should relate to the theory used. Avoid overuse of citations and discussion of published literature.
D. Conclusion
The author should clearly explain the important conclusions of the research highlighting their importance and relevance or direct relevance to the topic.
H. the reviewer
In-text citations must follow the Chicago 17 style (Author-date) according to the link on the journal's website titled: Quick Guide to Chicago Writing.
Writing references:
The documentation shall be in the (Chicago) style in the body of the research (In Text) and in writing the references at the end of the research and in (Times New Roman) font size 12.
To view examples of documenting references in the (Chicago) style in Arabic, please visit the link below:

To view examples of documenting references in the (Chicago) style in English, please visit the link below:

Instructions for authors:
• The manuscript must be submitted using the submission system on the journal's website.
• Upon receipt of the research, the journal will notify the researcher of receiving his research within 5 working days.
• The manuscript is subject to (Turnitin) program to detect plagiarism before it is sent to the arbitrators, and it is preferable that the language review conducted by the authors be in Arabic and English.
• Information adopted in the manuscript should not be taken from random Internet sites, but only those that are based on research published in international or local journals, books, dissertations and letters.
• The research undertaking and submission request forms available in the Author Guidelines section must be formally completed and submitted prior to any action taken by the journal.
• The author must make the revisions required by the reviewers within a maximum period of one month; However, the final version of the manuscript must be viewed and approved by the author within a maximum of three days.
• The researcher will be notified of the acceptance or rejection of his research within a period ranging from two to three months. The researcher whose research is accepted for publication will be notified of the date of publication of his research, and he will be provided with a letter of acceptance.
• The Journal of Political Science applies a CC BY license (a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License). If you need to know information about this license, please follow this link:

• Fees for publishing the magazine from outside Iraq (100$) US dollars, and from inside Iraq (130,000) thousand Iraqi dinars.
• Exemption from the fees of publishing the research in the journal for advanced researchers from developing countries.
• Failure to comply with the terms and conditions will lead to delay or non-publication of research.