Development policies In the Kurdistan Region after a year 2006


  • ammar sadoon salamn albadry
  • banen saad safei



The topic of development is considered one of the modern and important topics in the field of public policy, because of its impact on the process of democratic development, political stability and societal security in countries of the world. Development is a guarantee of continuous and effective development if public policy makers develop appropriate and wise development policies capable of harnessing resources. To serve the members of society, the prosperity of sustainable human development in a country is a translation of this policy, plans and programs that the state sets to serve humanity and raise the levels of well-being for that country. Sustainable human development is the basis of all development methods because it begins with the human being, who is its goal and purpose. Therefore, developing the human being and paying attention to him It is reflected in all areas of development, and this reflects positively on society as a whole.

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albadry, ammar sadoon salamn ., & safei , banen saad . (2023). Development policies In the Kurdistan Region after a year 2006. The International and Political Journal, (56), 595–600.