Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea and its regional and international repercussions


  • Assist Prof Dr. Mustafa Ibrahim Salman




Africa, Gulf of Guinea, Piracy, Niger Delta, Oil.


The Gulf of Guinea is one of the world’s most important regions, not just of the African continent. This is due to many reasons, most notably its strategic and economic importance, as it has a wide coastal view on the Atlantic Ocean. This view makes it the main commercial gateway to many closed countries, especially in Central and West Africa.

Guinea is one of the world’s richest regions in mineral resources such as oil and natural gas, gold, diamonds, and many other important minerals that are directly related to modern industries needed by both Asian and Western industrialized countries. It is also rich in animal and plant resources. However, the Gulf of Guinea is one of the world’s most dangerous regions because the many threats, especially piracy, imposed on the maritime trade movement in this region. These threats lead to several repercussions at both the regional and international levels.


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